Dog Behavior Schools

Are you tired of going to work and no enjoying your job? Would you like a rewarding and enjoyable career working with animals? If some of your best friends are four-legged and furry, becoming a dog behaviorist may just be for you!

The dog training and pet career industry is steadily growing, even in a troubled economy. An estimated $50.84 billion dollars was spent on pet care in 2011, and this field offers limitless employment opportunities. Professional dog behaviorists and trainers are in high demand and can find well-paying jobs earning over $40,000 annually. Imagine working as a dog behaviorist in as little as 8 short weeks!

The objective of our Dog Behavior School at Petropolis is to create an environment that is conducive to learning the art of professional dog training. Through use of a balanced mixture of hands on training, lecture and practical experience students will have the opportunity to gain the skill and confidence to become successful dog trainers.

For more information about the Dog Behavior Career School at Petropolis, or to schedule a tour, give us a call at 636-898-5849 today!